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idonthateuu asked: Hi! We (idonthatemaiko) are a Maiko Appreciation Blog that hosts each year on May, a Maiko Appreciation Month. We have prompts/themes, etc and people submit fan-art,fan-fic, graphics, etc. We are sending you this ask to let you know that we are doing a list for our followers, on which it lists all the Maiko Appreciation Blogs on tumblr, and yours is in it. If you have any questions, simply send an ask or check out our blog. :) Happy Holidays

Aw, man, thanks!  I wish I had more time to curate this properly. <3


Aaaand probably five hours later, here’s the finished thing!  I think this is the closest I’ve got to photorealism.  Still trying.  Anyway, I wanted to mimic the feel of that older gAang poster—except, of course, add Mai.  Because. You know.  I ship Maiko so hard it hurts.  
Art (c) Meesha; characters (c) Bryke


Aaaand probably five hours later, here’s the finished thing!  I think this is the closest I’ve got to photorealism.  Still trying.  Anyway, I wanted to mimic the feel of that older gAang poster—except, of course, add Mai.  Because. You know.  I ship Maiko so hard it hurts.  

Art (c) Meesha; characters (c) Bryke

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Avatar the Last Airbender: Healing by xXBrokenMemoriesXx




Mai might be enjoying herself just a little too much

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Grown-up Maiko by =Serena-Kenobi

Effyeahmaizuko suddenly has lots of new followers!

On account of the comic, I presume, and the quirk of time zones that let me get it a few hours before America. 

Anyway, hello, I’m Liz.  I don’t update this Tumblr as much as I should, because I’m honestly not kidding when I talk about how busy I am.  I’m doing the program for a science fiction convention (you should totally come if you’re in Melbourne!  And if you’re in Melbourne, and the idea of turning up at 10 am on a … Sunday?  I think?  To talk about Avatar on a panel called Panelbending really excites you, you should get in touch.  We could do with one more person).  And I’m also working overtime at my job, which is related to law enforcement and thus stressful, and basically, 2013 is not the year of leisure time!

But stick around anyway, ‘cos I’m all about the Mai/Zuko.  

(Among other things, but effyeahtophzula would probably have exactly two followers.)

Anyway, my “real” Tumblr is here; my Dreamwidth is here; my proper grown up professional blog is here.  In case you want to know who it is reblogging all this art.



I really liked it. It flies in the face of a lot of fanon about the status of Mai’s family, but it makes sense against the little we know from canon.

(Spoilery: if you’re very attached to the idea of Mai’s family being very, very aristocratic and posh, like Downton Abbey…

Well, I’ve already seen people complaining that Mai’s family are “really” posh, and the aunty with a flower shop is an aberration.

(This probably just annoys me because I remember when Harry Potter fandom insisted that Snape JUST HAD to be totally posh, and live in Snape Manor, etc, etc.)


korraspirit asked: omg can you scan the comic please?

I don’t have time, I’m afraid — I have a really busy day ahead, and will be out of the house for most of it.  I’ve seen scans floating around on my dash, so if you search “rebound” or “rebound spoilers” on the tags you’ll probably find it!



Pretty much the ONE TIME in the whole series where Mai doesn’t have some sort of response (well, there’s that other time, but we’ll get there). It’s that part where Zuko says that he sees it not as a betrayal of his country, but as the salvation, and Mai just can’t answer because she KNOWS he’s right, because as much as she’s professed her loyalty to her country and tried to pretend that she doesn’t really care, the fact is that apathy has been her primary defense mechanism because this country just keeps piling crap and other crap and more crap on her: her best friends are a princess who rules her by terror and bullies her all the time and the other best friend who is in the same boat and may or may not be in lesbians with the princess. The guy she loved had his face burned off and was banished for three years on an impossible quest. She can’t speak out or do what she wants because family and political careers. She’s probably been able to see through some of the political machine just because she’s the kind of girl who would sit there rolling her eyes while everyone else is singing the Fire Nation National Anthem. But because she’s Miss Apathy, she wouldn’t DO anything with the skepticism and stuff because she knows better.

Also, and here’s a theory of mine: at this point, New Ozai got taken over by Bumi. So not only did her boyfriend dump her on the day of the eclipse, her family was completely disgraced…IF they made it out of the city, and personally, I don’t think that eleven minutes of eclipse time was enough for them to escape; my headcanon has them still being trapped in the city when Bumi left…and, because of the failure and Mai’s potential involvement with Zuko’s betrayal, Ozai was unwilling to send any rescue or evacuation missions.

Meaning that they’re still trapped in an Earth Kingdom city…when Ozai is planning to burn the entire Earth Kingdom to the ground, Omashu/New Ozai included. 

And Mai would probably KNOW about this plan because Zuko was at the meeting…

Meaning that her entire family was essentially sentenced to death.

Thus, I see her sacrifice at the end of the episode as not merely being a sacrifice done out of love for Zuko, but also out of faith in Zuko—faith that he, for once, might actually know what he’s doing. and that there might actually be a shot at change for the Fire Nation. And remember, Mai’s the girl who took the accusation “you don’t believe in anything” earlier in the series. 

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